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Jonesport adopted its Comprehensive Plan in 2009 and started updating it in late 2021 with the latest census data, digital mapping, community facts, figures, and trends. Local funds were raised for the Plan, and Jonesport received additional support from the Maine Department of Transportation, University of Maine GIS Lab, and Sunrise County Economic Council.

The Plan aims to guide future community actions, including decisions on land development proposals, public fund expenditure, tax incentives, and cooperative efforts. It also addresses concerns such as farmland preservation and rehabilitation of older neighborhoods. Most plans provide direction for activities over a 10- to 20-year period, but they should be reviewed every five years. If significant changes occur or projections go off course, the Plan may require updating.

View or download the complete Comprehensive Plan or specific sections by using the links below. Printed copies are available for viewing at the Jonesport Town Office and Peabody Memorial Library.

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The link above will download the Plan as a complete package, but the file size of this document might be too large for downloading on certain mobile networks. To avoid issues, we have provided individual downloads for each of the Plan sections, which are listed below.

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