Boards & Committees

Board of Appeals

Jane McMichen - Chairman, William Blackwood, Michael Church, Sarah Davis, Holly Iossa, Ernest Rackliff, and James Smith

Board of Assessors

Marc A. Perry CMA, Downeast Assessing Services 207-460-9949

Board of Selectmen

Dwight E. Alley, Harry Fish, Jr., and William (Billy) Milliken

Budget Committee

Wendy Beal, John Church, Boyde Crowley, Shane Farris, C. Jane McMichen, and Paul Iossa

Cemetery Committee

Harry Fish, Jr., Tonia Merchant, Jean Guptill, Skip Rogers, Jody Alley, and Holly Iossa,

Economic Development Committee

Dwight Alley, Harry Fish, Jr., William "Lee" Guptill, and Clifford Norton, III

Harbor Committee

Russell Batson, Sr., John Church, Harry Fish, Jr., Ernest Kelley, Jr., Ernest Kelley, Sr., and Howard Mills, Jr.

Planning Board

Frank Smith, William (Lee) Guptill, Kathy Howell, Alvin Grignon, and Paul Iossa
Alternates: Anthony Laytart, and Dana Smith
Code Enforcement Officer: Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Secretary: Tonia Merchant

Shellfish Committee

Paul Newcomb - Shellfish Warden, Jodi Alley - Chairman, Jason Alley, Ralph Davis, Jr., Dana Emerson, and Glenn Libby

Working Waterfront Committee

Joseph McDonald - Chairman, D. Kraig Church, Ira Kelley, Milton Merchant, and Adam Stanwood

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